Commit 78db4817 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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remove unused function NewRule

parent aed4ef35
......@@ -434,19 +434,6 @@ NewImpRule (unsigned line_number,TypeAlts typeAlternative,NodeP rule_root)
return impRule;
} /* NewImpRule */
NewRule (unsigned line_number,TypeAlts typeAlternative,NodeP rule_root, ScopeP scope)
ImpRules impRule;
impRule = NewImpRule (line_number, typeAlternative, rule_root);
*(scope->sc_rulesP) = impRule;
scope->sc_rulesP = &impRule->rule_next;
return (impRule);
} /* NewRule */
NewRuleAlt (void)
......@@ -20,23 +20,6 @@ typedef enum
kArrowAlternativeKind /* '->' */
} RuleAltKind;
STRUCT (scope, Scope)
ImpRules *sc_rulesP;
ImpRule sc_rule;
RuleAlts *sc_altP;
Symbol sc_ruleSymbol;
RuleAltKind sc_altKind;
NodeDefP *sc_nodeDefsP;
NodeDefP *sc_firstNodeDefP;
int sc_scopeMask;
StrictNodeIdP *sc_strictDefsP;
extern Args NewArgument (NodeP pattern);
extern NodeP NewNode (SymbolP symb, Args args, int arity);
extern NodeP NewIfNode (void);
......@@ -61,7 +44,6 @@ extern NodeP NewNodeByKind (NodeKind nodeKind, SymbolP symb, Args args, int arit
extern NodeP NewIntNode (int value);
extern ImpRules NewRule (unsigned line_number, TypeAlts typeAlternative, NodeP rule_root, ScopeP scope);
extern NodeIdP NewNodeId (IdentP nid);
extern StrictNodeIdP NewStrictNodeId (NodeIdP node_id, StrictNodeIdP next);
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