Commit 78e43bf1 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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in function FillHole prevent read of undefined value in demframe if sp > demsize,

this doesn't cause any problems, but valgrind complains
parent 75e5f7db
......@@ -714,18 +714,17 @@ static void UpdateEntry (int srcoffset, int dstoffset, int sp, int offframe [])
static void FillHole (int sp,int offframe[],int demframe [],int defframe [],int offsize,int demsize)
if (sp > demsize)
do {
if (sp > demsize)
else {
int newdef;
newdef = defframe [demframe[sp]];
UpdateEntry (newdef, sp, offsize, offframe);
UpdateFrame (defframe, demframe[sp], sp, offframe);
sp = newdef;
} while (offframe[sp] != demframe[sp]);
} while (sp <= demsize && offframe[sp] != demframe[sp]);
static void GenStackConversions (int *sp,int demsize,int offframe[],int demframe[],int defframe[],int hole)
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