Commit 856490d6 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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add integers and rationals, allow use of main instead of Start

parent aa38a5eb
......@@ -551,6 +551,8 @@ enum {
#define IpushI "pushI"
#define IpushC "pushC"
#define IpushR "pushR"
#define IpushZR "pushZR"
#define IpushZ "pushZ"
#define IpushD "pushD"
......@@ -644,6 +646,7 @@ enum {
#define Ijmp_eval "jmp_eval"
#define Ijmp_eval_upd "jmp_eval_upd"
#define Ijmp_ap "jmp_ap"
#define Ijmp_not_eqZ "jmp_not_eqZ"
#define Ijmp_ap_upd "jmp_ap_upd"
#define Ijmp_upd "jmp_upd"
......@@ -687,6 +690,7 @@ static void put_instruction_code (int instruction_code)
#define Dnu "nu"
#define Dn_string "n_string"
#define Ddesc "desc"
#define Ddesc0 "desc0"
#define Ddescn "descn"
#define Ddescs "descs"
#define Ddescexp "descexp"
......@@ -1262,6 +1266,11 @@ void CallFunction (Label label, SymbDef def, Bool isjsr, Node root)
CallFunction2 (label, def, isjsr, root->node_state, root->node_arguments, root->node_arity);
void CallFunction1 (Label label, SymbDef def, StateS root_state, Args fun_args, int arity)
CallFunction2 (label, def, True, root_state, fun_args, arity);
static void GenArraySize (Label elemdesc, int asize, int bsize)
put_instruction_ (Ipush_arraysize);
......@@ -2018,6 +2027,18 @@ void GenBuildString (SymbValue val)
FPrintF (OutFile, "%s", val.val_string);
void GenPushZ (SymbValue val)
put_instruction_ (IpushZ);
FPrintF (OutFile, "%s", val.val_string);
void GenPushZR (SymbValue val)
put_instruction_ (IpushZR);
FPrintF (OutFile, "%s", val.val_string);
static void GenFieldLabel (Label label,char *record_name)
SymbDef def;
......@@ -2244,6 +2265,13 @@ void GenJmpApUpd (int n_args)
put_arguments_n_b (n_args);
void GenJmpNotEqZ (SymbValue val,Label tolab)
put_instruction_ (Ijmp_not_eqZ);
FPrintF (OutFile, "%s ", val.val_string);
GenLabel (tolab);
void GenJmpUpd (Label tolab)
put_instruction_b (jmp_upd);
......@@ -2831,6 +2859,26 @@ void GenConstructorDescriptorAndExport (SymbDef sdef)
void GenConstructor0DescriptorAndExport (SymbDef sdef,int constructor_n)
char *name;
name = sdef->sdef_ident->ident_name;
if (sdef->sdef_exported || ExportLocalLabels){
put_directive_ (Dexport);
FPrintF (OutFile, "e_%s_" D_PREFIX "%s",CurrentModule,name);
put_directive_ (Ddesc0);
FPrintF (OutFile, "e_%s_" D_PREFIX "%s %d \"%s\"",CurrentModule, name, constructor_n , name);
} else if (DoDebug){
put_directive_ (Ddesc0);
FPrintF (OutFile, D_PREFIX "%s %d \"%s\"",name, constructor_n, name);
} else {
put_directive_ (Ddesc0);
FPrintF (OutFile, LOCAL_D_PREFIX "%u %d \"%s\"",sdef->sdef_number, constructor_n, name);
void GenRecordDescriptor (SymbDef sdef)
int asize,bsize;
......@@ -3442,15 +3490,18 @@ void GenStart (SymbDef startsymb)
if (startsymb->sdef_module == CurrentModule){
int arity;
char *start_function_name;
arity = startsymb->sdef_arity;
startsymb->sdef_mark |= SDEF_USED_LAZILY_MASK;
put_directive_ (Dexport);
FPrintF (OutFile, "__%s_Start", CurrentModule);
FPrintF (OutFile, "__%s_%s",CurrentModule,start_function_name);
GenOAStackLayout (0);
FPrintF (OutFile, "\n__%s_Start", CurrentModule);
FPrintF (OutFile, "\n__%s_%s", CurrentModule,start_function_name);
if (arity!=0){
put_instruction_b (buildI);
......@@ -3460,15 +3511,15 @@ void GenStart (SymbDef startsymb)
put_instruction_b (build);
if (startsymb->sdef_exported)
FPrintF (OutFile, "e_%s_" D_PREFIX "Start",CurrentModule);
FPrintF (OutFile, "e_%s_" D_PREFIX "%s",CurrentModule,start_function_name);
else if (ExportLocalLabels)
if (DoParallel)
FPrintF (OutFile,"e_%s_" D_PREFIX "Start.%u",CurrentModule,startsymb->sdef_number);
FPrintF (OutFile,"e_%s_" D_PREFIX "%s.%u",CurrentModule,start_function_name,startsymb->sdef_number);
FPutS (empty_lab.lab_name, OutFile);
FPutS (empty_lab.lab_name, OutFile);
else if (DoDebug){
if (DoParallel)
FPrintF (OutFile, D_PREFIX "Start.%u",startsymb->sdef_number);
FPrintF (OutFile, D_PREFIX "%s.%u",start_function_name,startsymb->sdef_number);
FPutS (empty_lab.lab_name, OutFile);
} else {
......@@ -3481,13 +3532,18 @@ void GenStart (SymbDef startsymb)
put_arguments__n__b (arity);
if (startsymb->sdef_exported)
FPrintF (OutFile, "e_%s_" N_PREFIX "Start",CurrentModule);
FPrintF (OutFile, "e_%s_" N_PREFIX "%s",CurrentModule,start_function_name);
else if (ExportLocalLabels)
FPrintF (OutFile, "e_%s_" N_PREFIX "Start.%u",CurrentModule,startsymb->sdef_number);
FPrintF (OutFile, "e_%s_" N_PREFIX "%s.%u",CurrentModule,start_function_name,startsymb->sdef_number);
else if (DoDebug)
FPrintF (OutFile, N_PREFIX "Start.%u",startsymb->sdef_number);
FPrintF (OutFile, N_PREFIX "%s.%u",start_function_name,startsymb->sdef_number);
FPrintF (OutFile, N_PREFIX "%u",startsymb->sdef_number);
if (arity==0 && strcmp (start_function_name,"main")==0){
GenJsrEval (0);
GenJsrAp (1);
GenDAStackLayout (1);
put_instruction_b (jmp);
......@@ -3534,7 +3590,7 @@ void InitFileInfo (ImpMod imod)
put_directive_ (Dstart);
if (start_sdef!=NULL){
FPrintF (OutFile, "__%s_Start",start_sdef->sdef_module);
FPrintF (OutFile, "__%s_%s",start_sdef->sdef_module,start_sdef->sdef_ident->ident_name);
} else
FPutS ("_nostart_", OutFile);
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