Commit 8dd0461f authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen

add line that was accidentally removed when merging code for the initialisation of predefs

parent 7032bee2
......@@ -3745,6 +3745,7 @@ where
<=< adjustPredefSymbolAndCheckIndex PD_UnboxedMaybeType mod_index PD_UnboxedMaybeTypeIndex STE_Type
<=< adjustPredefSymbol PD_OverloadedMaybeType mod_index STE_Type
<=< adjustPredefSymbolAndCheckIndex PD_UnitType mod_index PD_UnitTypeIndex STE_Type
<=< adjust_predef_symbols PD_ConsSymbol PD_UnitConsSymbol mod_index STE_Constructor
<=< (if tc_class_defined (adjustPredefSymbol PD_TypeCodeClass mod_index STE_Class) (\x->x))
<=< (if tc_class_defined (adjustPredefSymbol PD_TypeCodeMember mod_index STE_Member) (\x->x))
<=< adjustPredefSymbol PD_DummyForStrictAliasFun mod_index STE_DclFunction
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