Commit 92107a1e authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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fix conversion of selection (pattern match in lhs of where or let)

from a constructor (not a tuple or record) on a cycle
parent 47fcb797
......@@ -2472,26 +2472,31 @@ static Exp ConvertNode (Node node, NodeId nid)
case MatchNode:
Exp exp;
Symbol symbol;
exp = ConvertNode (node->node_arguments->arg_node, Null);
if (symbol->symb_kind==definition && symbol->symb_def->sdef_kind==CONSTRUCTOR &&
Exp selexp;
selexp = NewValueExp (selectsym[0], False, 1);
selexp->e_args[0] = exp;
exp = selexp;
if (nid)
nid->nid_exp_ = selexp;
selexp->e_args[0] = ConvertNode (node->node_arguments->arg_node,NULL);
return selexp;
} else {
if (nid)
nid->nid_exp_ = NULL;
if (node->node_kind==NodeIdNode)
return ConvertNodeId (node->node_node_id);
return ConvertNode (node,nid);
if (nid)
nid->nid_exp_ = exp;
return exp;
DoFatalError ("ConvertNode (SA): unknown node kind");
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