Commit a4f0ccab authored by Martijn Vervoort's avatar Martijn Vervoort
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bugfix in transform.icl (line 1306): the reference count in collectVariables

did not recognise a dynamic.
parent 34550362
......@@ -1303,6 +1303,11 @@ where
collectVariables (MatchExpr opt_tuple cons_symb expr) free_vars cos
# (expr, free_vars, cos) = collectVariables expr free_vars cos
= (MatchExpr opt_tuple cons_symb expr, free_vars, cos)
// MV ..
collectVariables (DynamicExpr dynamic_expr=:{dyn_expr}) free_vars cos
#! (dyn_expr, free_vars, cos) = collectVariables dyn_expr free_vars cos
= (DynamicExpr {dynamic_expr & dyn_expr = dyn_expr}, free_vars, cos);
// .. MV
collectVariables expr free_vars cos
= (expr, free_vars, cos)
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