Commit aa1dd69f authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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export label with t prefix for records for dynamics

parent 725dc4d8
......@@ -2804,7 +2804,10 @@ void GenUnboxedConsRecordDescriptor (SymbDef sdef,int tail_strict)
tuple_arguments_state[0] = sdef->sdef_record_state;
tuple_arguments_state[1] = LazyState;
# if 0
FPutC ('l', OutFile);
FPutC ('R', OutFile);
# endif
GenABStackElems (tuple_state);
DetermineSizeOfState (tuple_state,&asize,&bsize);
......@@ -3127,6 +3130,8 @@ void GenLazyRecordDescriptorAndExport (SymbDef sdef)
} else {
if (ExportLocalLabels){
put_directive_ (Dexport);
FPrintF (OutFile,"e_%s_" RECORD_D_PREFIX "%s",CurrentModule,name);
put_directive_ (Dexport);
FPrintF (OutFile,"e_%s_" RECORD_N_PREFIX "%s",CurrentModule,name);
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