Commit ab176653 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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remove updateExpression instance for removed type

parent 619e94ba
......@@ -1621,13 +1621,6 @@ where
updateExpression group_index selection ui
= (selection, ui)
instance updateExpression TypeCase
updateExpression group_index type_case=:{type_case_dynamic,type_case_patterns,type_case_default} ui
# ((type_case_dynamic,(type_case_patterns,type_case_default)), ui) = updateExpression group_index
(type_case_dynamic,(type_case_patterns,type_case_default)) ui
= ({ type_case & type_case_dynamic = type_case_dynamic, type_case_patterns = type_case_patterns, type_case_default = type_case_default }, ui)
instance updateExpression DynamicPattern
updateExpression group_index dp=:{dp_type,dp_rhs} ui
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