Commit ac4c64d2 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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remove prototypes of removed functions, move some prototypes from

typechecker or overloading header files to this file
parent 5a9affc1
......@@ -6,33 +6,8 @@ Author: Sjaak Smetsers
extern jmp_buf ExitTypeComponent;
extern BITVECT DetermineUniPropOfTypeCons (SymbDef typecons);
extern void OverloadingError (Symbol symbol, char *msg, TypeCell type, Bool make_jump);
extern BITVECT DetermineConsVarsOfTypeCons (SymbDef typecons, ConsVarList * cons_vars);
extern void Unify (TypeCell offtype, TypeCell demtype, Node uni_node, int argnr);
extern UnificationStatus UnifyTypes (TypeCell offtype, TypeCell demtype);
extern void UnifyError (UnificationStatus ustat, Node err_node, int err_argnr, TypeCell type1, TypeCell type2);
extern void UniquenessError (UniquenessErrorKind err_kind, Node err_node, int err_argnr, TypeCell type, TypeCell sub_type);
extern void ReportTypeError (Node err_node, int err_argnr, char *err_msg);
extern TypeCell ExpandSynonymType (TypeCell synappl, SymbDef syndef);
extern AttributeCellKind DetermineAttrkindOfTypeCell (TypeCell type);
#define GetExistentionalVarsOfTypeCons(typecons) (typecons -> sdef_contains_freevars) ?\
typecons -> sdef_type -> type_exivars : ALLBITSCLEAR
extern Symbol BuildNewSymbol (SymbDef old_symb_def, int id_nr, TypeCell ins_types [], int arity, TableKind table);
extern Symbol BuildNewClassSymbol (SymbolList class_symbols);
extern Ident BuildNewSymbolId (char *prefix, int id_nr, TypeCell ins_types [], int arity, TableKind table);
extern TypeCell SkipTypeSynIndirection (TypeCell type);
extern void PrepareTypesAndImportedInstances (Symbol symbs, char *icl_module);
extern void PrintNodeSymbol (Node node, int arg_nr, File file);
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