Commit b0278ec1 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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remove unused function getGenericDef

parent 0f66fdb9
......@@ -558,15 +558,6 @@ getClassDef class_index type_module module_index class_defs modules
class_def = com_class_defs.[class_index]
= (class_def, class_index, class_defs, modules)
getGenericDef :: !Index !Index !Index !u:{# GenericDef} !v:{# DclModule} -> (!GenericDef, !Index , !u:{# GenericDef}, !v:{# DclModule})
getGenericDef generic_index type_module module_index generic_defs modules
| type_module == module_index
# (generic_def, generic_defs) = generic_defs![generic_index]
= (generic_def, generic_index, generic_defs, modules)
# ({dcl_common={com_generic_defs}}, modules) = modules![type_module]
generic_def = com_generic_defs.[generic_index]
= (generic_def, generic_index, generic_defs, modules)
checkTypeVar :: !Level !DemandedAttributeKind !TypeVar !TypeAttribute !(!*OpenTypeInfo, !*CheckState)
-> (! TypeVar, !TypeAttribute, !(!*OpenTypeInfo, !*CheckState))
checkTypeVar scope dem_attr tv=:{tv_ident=var_ident=:{id_name,id_info}} tv_attr (oti, cs=:{cs_symbol_table})
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