Commit b4877fec authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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fix for 64 bit linux (does not fix 64 bit windows)

parent 90f9a15e
......@@ -5,24 +5,22 @@ typedef struct clean_string *CleanString;
/* a string in Clean is:
struct clean_string {
int clean_string_length;
unsigned long clean_string_length;
char clean_string_characters[clean_string_length];
The string does not end with a '\0' !
/* CleanStringLength(clean_string) returns length of the clean_string in characters */
#define CleanStringLength(clean_string) (*(unsigned int *)(clean_string))
/* CleanStringLength(clean_string) returns the length of the clean_string in characters */
#define CleanStringLength(clean_string) (*(unsigned long *)(clean_string))
/* CleanStringCharacters(clean_string) returns a pointer to the characters of the clean_string */
#define CleanStringCharacters(clean_string) ((char*)(1+(unsigned int *)(clean_string)))
#define CleanStringCharacters(clean_string) ((char*)(1+(unsigned long *)(clean_string)))
/* CleanStringSizeInts(string_length) return size of CleanString in integers */
#define CleanStringSizeInts(string_length) (1+(((unsigned int)(string_length)+3)>>2))
#define CleanStringSizeInts(string_length) (1+(((unsigned long)(string_length)+(sizeof(unsigned long)-1))>>(1+(sizeof(unsigned long)>>2))))
/* CleanStringVariable(clean_string,string_length) defines variable clean_string with length string_length,
before using the clean_string variable, cast to CleanString, except for the macros above */
#define CleanStringVariable(clean_string,string_length) unsigned int clean_string[CleanStringSizeInts(string_length)]
#define CleanStringVariable(clean_string,string_length) unsigned long clean_string[CleanStringSizeInts(string_length)]
/* CleanStringSizeBytes(string_length) return size of CleanString in bytes */
#define CleanStringSizeBytes(string_length) (4+(((unsigned int)(string_length)+3) & -4))
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