Commit b49450ad authored by Martin Wierich's avatar Martin Wierich
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removing trace statement

parent fa8b6e8d
......@@ -584,7 +584,7 @@ where
expand_simple_macro mod_index macro_index macro=:{fun_body = CheckedBody body, fun_info, fun_symb, fun_pos}
(macro_defs, modules, pi=:{pi_symbol_table,pi_symbol_heap,pi_var_heap,pi_error})
| macros_are_simple fun_info.fi_calls macro_defs
# identPos = newPosition fun_symb fun_pos ---> ("expanding", fun_symb)
# identPos = newPosition fun_symb fun_pos
es = { es_symbol_table = pi_symbol_table, es_var_heap = pi_var_heap,
es_symbol_heap = pi_symbol_heap, es_error = setErrorAdmin identPos pi_error }
(tb_args, tb_rhs, local_vars, fi_calls, macro_defs, modules, {es_symbol_table, es_var_heap, es_symbol_heap, es_error})
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