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remove unused function from checksupport.c

parent 103f29a2
......@@ -200,37 +200,3 @@ void PrintSymbolOfIdent (char *name, unsigned line_nr, File file)
void CheckWarningOrError2 (Bool error,char *msg1,char *msg2,char *msg3)
StaticMessage (error,"%S","%s,%s %s",CurrentSymbol,msg1,msg2,msg3);
void CheckError (char *msg1,char *msg2)
StaticMessage (True,"%S","%s %s",CurrentSymbol,msg1,msg2);
void CheckSymbolError (struct symbol *symbol,char *msg)
StaticMessage (True,"%S","%S %s",CurrentSymbol,symbol,msg);
void CheckWarning (char *msg1,char *msg2)
StaticMessage (False,"%S","%s %s",CurrentSymbol,msg1,msg2);
void CheckWarningOrError (Bool error,char *msg1,char *msg2)
StaticMessage (error,"%S","%s %s",CurrentSymbol,msg1,msg2);
void CheckSymbolWarning (struct symbol *symbol,char *msg)
StaticMessage (False,"%S","%S %s",CurrentSymbol,symbol,msg);
void CheckSymbolWarningOrError (Bool error,struct symbol *symbol,char *msg)
StaticMessage (error,"%S","%S %s",CurrentSymbol,symbol,msg);
......@@ -5,15 +5,4 @@
extern char *ConvertSymbolKindToString (SymbKind skind);
extern void CheckError (char *msg1,char *msg2);
extern void CheckSymbolError (struct symbol *symbol,char *msg);
extern void CheckWarning (char *msg1,char *msg2);
extern void CheckSymbolWarning (struct symbol *symbol,char *msg);
extern void CheckWarningOrError (Bool error,char *msg1,char *msg2);
extern void CheckWarningOrError2 (Bool error,char *msg1,char *msg2,char *msg3);
extern void CheckSymbolWarningOrError (Bool error,struct symbol *symbol,char *msg);
#define NameOfSymbol(symb) ((symb)->symb_def ->sdef_name)
extern void PrintSymbolOfIdent (char *name,unsigned line_nr,File file);
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