Commit c3911982 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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rename DeltaBId as StdBoolId, remove unused SystemFunctionsId and StdArrayAbortId

parent 28d8182b
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ Ident AnnotatedId, ListId, TupleId, ConsId, NilId, ApplyId, SelectId,
#ifdef CLEAN2
DeltaBId, IfId, FailId, AndId, OrId,
StdBoolId, IfId, FailId, AndId, OrId,
StdArrayId, ArrayFunctionIds [NoArrayFun];
......@@ -160,8 +160,6 @@ NodeDefs NewNodeDef (NodeId nid,Node node)
return new;
static Ident SystemFunctionsId,StdArrayAbortId;
void InitChecker (void)
......@@ -198,8 +196,7 @@ void InitChecker (void)
undef_id = PutStringInHashTable ("undef",SymbolIdTable);
SystemFunctionsId = PutStringInHashTable ("StdEnum", ModuleIdTable);
DeltaBId = PutStringInHashTable ("StdBool", ModuleIdTable);
StdBoolId = PutStringInHashTable ("StdBool", ModuleIdTable);
StdArrayId = PutStringInHashTable ("_SystemArray", ModuleIdTable);
......@@ -207,9 +204,8 @@ void InitChecker (void)
/* Predefined Array functions */
StdArrayAbortId = PutStringInHashTable ("_abortArray", SymbolIdTable);
ArrayFunctionIds[CreateArrayFun] = PutStringInHashTable ("createArray", SymbolIdTable);
ArrayFunctionIds[CreateArrayFun] = PutStringInHashTable ("createArray", SymbolIdTable);
ArrayFunctionIds[UnqArraySelectFun] = PutStringInHashTable ("uselect", SymbolIdTable);
ArrayFunctionIds[ArrayReplaceFun] = PutStringInHashTable ("replace", SymbolIdTable);
ArrayFunctionIds[UnqArraySizeFun] = PutStringInHashTable ("usize", SymbolIdTable);
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