Commit c545227b authored by Martijn Vervoort's avatar Martijn Vervoort
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- bug fix: added a forgotten alternative to function convertDynamics for

parent 8d17168b
......@@ -301,7 +301,9 @@ where
(tb_rhs, ci) = convertDynamics {global_type_instances & cinp_st_args = tb_args} vars_with_types No tb_rhs ci
= (TransformedBody {tb_args = tb_args,tb_rhs = tb_rhs}, ci)
convert_dynamics_in_body global_type_instances other fun_type ci
= abort "unexpected value in 'convert dynamics.convert_dynamics_in_body'"
| True <<- ("Martijn",other)
= abort "!!!unexpected value in 'convert dynamics.convert_dynamics_in_body'"
import RWSDebug
bindVarsToTypes2 st_context vars types typed_vars common_defs
:== bindVarsToTypes vars (addTypesOfDictionaries common_defs st_context types) typed_vars
......@@ -480,9 +482,8 @@ where
= abort "convertDynamics cinp bound_vars default_expr (TypeCodeExpression" //convertTypecode cinp type_code ci
convertDynamics cinp bound_vars default_expr EE ci
= (EE, ci)
convertDynamics cinp bound_vars default_expr expression ci
= abort "unexpected value in convertDynamics: 'convertDynamics.Expression'"
convertDynamics cinp bound_vars default_expr expr=:(NoBind _) ci
= (expr,ci)
replace all references in a type code expression which refer to an argument i.e. the argument contains a
type to their placeholders. Return is a list of (placeholder,argument) list. Each tuple is used later as
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