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fix error message for PE_Matches pattern

parent 977b5ad0
......@@ -886,7 +886,7 @@ checkExpression free_vars (PE_Matches case_ident expr pattern position) e_input=
# (expr, free_vars, e_state, e_info, cs) = checkExpression free_vars expr e_input e_state e_info cs
{es_fun_defs,es_var_heap,es_expr_heap} = e_state
ps = {ps_var_heap = es_var_heap,ps_fun_defs = es_fun_defs}
cs = pushErrorAdmin (newPosition {id_name="<irrefutable pattern>", id_info=nilPtr} position) cs
cs = pushErrorAdmin (newPosition {id_name="<pattern>", id_info=nilPtr} position) cs
(pattern, (_/*var_env*/, _/*array_patterns*/), {ps_fun_defs,ps_var_heap}, e_info, cs)
= checkPattern pattern No { pi_def_level = ei_expr_level, pi_mod_index = ei_mod_index, pi_is_node_pattern = False } ([], []) ps e_info cs
cs = popErrorAdmin cs
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