Commit c664b364 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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remove AddStrictLhsNodeIdsToNodeDefs call for overloaded case node

(causes crash because field node_strict_node_ids doesn't exist)
parent b9786edd
......@@ -3760,8 +3760,6 @@ static NodeDefs *CollectSharedNodeIdsInRootNode (Node* node_p,NodeId parent_node
case_last=CollectSharedNodeIdsInRootNode (&case_node_p->node_arguments->arg_node, parent_node_id, case_last);
AddStrictLhsNodeIdsToNodeDefs (node->node_strict_node_ids,&node->node_node_defs);
} else
error_in_function ("CollectSharedNodeIdsInRootNode");
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