Commit ca2c4487 authored by Vincent Zweije's avatar Vincent Zweije
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Drop option parse tracing

parent dc487a58
......@@ -215,7 +215,7 @@ compileModule options commandLineArgs {dcl_modules,functions_and_macros,predef_s
= { feo_upToPhase = FrontEndPhaseAll
, feo_search_paths = options.searchPaths
, feo_typelisting = if (isMember "-lt" commandLineArgs) (Yes (not (isMember "-lattr" commandLineArgs))) No
, feo_fusionstyle = (if options.supercompilation FS_online FS_offline) ---> ("Read supercompilation option: "+++toString options.supercompilation)
, feo_fusionstyle = if options.supercompilation FS_online FS_offline
# (optionalSyntaxTree,cached_functions_and_macros,n_functions_and_macros_in_dcl_modules,main_dcl_module_n,predef_symbols, hash_table, files, error, io, out,tcl_file,heaps)
= frontEndInterface feopts moduleIdent dcl_modules functions_and_macros predef_symbols hash_table files error io out tcl_file heaps
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