Commit cf9af999 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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remove unused definitiona in checker.h

parent 83c183e4
#define BIT(n) ((BITVECT) 1 << n)
#define BITTEST(v,n) (((BITVECT) v >> n) & ((BITVECT) 1))
#define TCONS_BIT_NR 31
extern Ident AnnotatedId, ListId, TupleId, ConsId, NilId, ApplyId, SelectId, IfId, FailId, StdBoolId,
AndId, OrId, StdArrayId, ArrayFunctionIds [], ArrayId, StrictArrayId, UnboxedArrayId, ArrayClassId;
......@@ -18,27 +12,16 @@ extern Ident StdMiscId,abort_id,undef_id;
extern Ident PreludeId,seq_id,system_seq_id;
extern Symbol StartSymbol, UnboxedArrayClassSymbols [], UnboxedArrayFunctionSymbols [];
extern SymbDef scc_dependency_list,ArrayFunctionDefs[], StdArrayAbortDef;
extern char * CurrentDefModule;
extern int rule_count;
extern SymbDef *scc_dependency_list_p;
extern Symbol StartSymbol;
extern SymbDef scc_dependency_list;
SymbDef BuildNewSymbolDefinition (Ident sid,int arity,SDefKind kind,unsigned line_nr);
SymbDef MakeNewSymbolDefinition (char * module, Ident name, int arity, SDefKind kind);
SymbDef NewSymbolDefinition (Symbol symb, int arity, Bool maybedefined, unsigned line_nr);
char *ConvertSymbolToString (Symbol symb);
ImpMod ParseAndCheckImplementationModule (char *name);
void ReadInlineCode (void);
void InitChecker (void);
void GenDependencyList (void);
NodeDefs NewNodeDef (NodeId nid, Node node);
void GenerateApplyNodesForFullyCurriedApplication (Node node, Node function_node);
void DetermineRuleComponent (ImpRules rule,SymbDef sdef);
NodeP DetermineGraphRulesComponent (NodeP node,unsigned *ancest);
NodeP RemoveAliasNodeIdInDetermineComponent (NodeP node);
#ifdef CLEAN2
void ClearOpenDefinitionModules (void);
......@@ -114,7 +114,6 @@ Symbol StartSymbol;
SymbDef ArrayFunctionDefs [NoArrayFun],StdArrayAbortDef;
SymbDef scc_dependency_list;
SymbDef *scc_dependency_list_p;
SymbDef MakeNewSymbolDefinition (char * module, Ident name, int arity, SDefKind kind)
......@@ -1455,8 +1455,6 @@ static void GenArrayReplace (Label elemdesc, int asize, int bsize)
GenLabel (elemdesc);
FPrintF (OutFile, " %d %d", asize, bsize);
extern Symbol UnboxedArrayFunctionSymbols [];
static Label ApplyLabel;
static StateS ApplyState;
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