Commit d336b9a9 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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don't use lambdas with a guard because the bootstrap compiler does not yet support this

parent 0298f8ad
......@@ -575,16 +575,16 @@ where
removeExpandedTypesFromSelectorType :: SelectorDef -> BackEnder
removeExpandedTypesFromSelectorType {sd_type_ptr}
= \be0
| not (isNilPtr sd_type_ptr)
-> write_to_var_heap sd_type_ptr VI_Empty be0
-> be0
= if (not (isNilPtr sd_type_ptr))
(write_to_var_heap sd_type_ptr VI_Empty be0)
removeExpandedTypesFromConsType :: ConsDef -> BackEnder
removeExpandedTypesFromConsType {cons_type_ptr}
= \be0
| not (isNilPtr cons_type_ptr)
-> write_to_var_heap cons_type_ptr VI_Empty be0
-> be0
= if (not (isNilPtr cons_type_ptr))
(write_to_var_heap cons_type_ptr VI_Empty be0)
:: DeclVarsInput :== Ident
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