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Version: 1.4
Built: True
Target: StdEnv
Exec: {Project}\cocl.exe
CheckStacks: True
CheckIndexes: True
TargetProcessor: CurrentProcessor
HeapSize: 25165824
StackSize: 2097152
ExtraMemory: 0
IntialHeapSize: 8388608
HeapSizeMultiplier: 1024
ShowExecutionTime: False
ShowGC: False
ShowStackSize: False
MarkingCollector: True
StandardRuntimeEnv: True
Memory: False
MemoryMinimumHeapSize: 0
Time: True
Stack: True
Output: NoConsole
Font: MS Sans Serif
FontSize: 8
WriteStdErr: False
LinkMethod: Static
GenerateRelocations: False
GenerateLinkMap: False
LinkResources: False
Path: {Project}\compiler
Path: {Project}\ArgEnvWindows
Path: {Project}\WrapDebug
Path: {Project}\backend
Path: {Project}\backendCModules
Path: {Project}\main
Path: {Project}\main\Windows
Name: cocl
Dir: {Project}\main
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#! /usr/bin/make -f
# $Id$
COCL = cocl
SYS = Clean\ System\ Files
#SYS = .
MODULES = cleanversion basic pfun graph dnc rule trd rewr complete history spine trace absmodule strat loop coreclean law canon cli extract newfold newtest expand convert supercompile
ABC = $(patsubst %,$(SYS)/,$(MODULES))
#default: $(SYS)/ $(SYS)/ $(SYS)/ $(SYS)/ $(SYS)/ $(SYS)/ $(SYS)/ $(SYS)/ $(SYS)/ $(SYS)/ $(SYS)/ $(SYS)/ $(SYS)/
default: $(ABC)
rm -Rf errors.err $(SYS)
tags: *.dcl *.icl ../compiler/*.dcl ../compiler/*.icl
sh cleantags $^ >$@
%: $(SYS)/
$(SYS)/ %.icl
$(SYS)/ supercompile.icl supercompile.dcl convert.dcl expand.dcl newtest.dcl cli.dcl coreclean.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ convert.icl convert.dcl coreclean.dcl rule.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ expand.icl expand.dcl newtest.dcl newfold.dcl rule.dcl rewr.dcl graph.dcl pfun.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ newtest.icl newtest.dcl newfold.dcl cli.dcl canon.dcl coreclean.dcl loop.dcl trace.dcl spine.dcl history.dcl complete.dcl trd.dcl rule.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ newfold.icl newfold.dcl extract.dcl trace.dcl spine.dcl history.dcl rule.dcl dnc.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ extract.icl extract.dcl rule.dcl dnc.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ cli.icl cli.dcl law.dcl coreclean.dcl strat.dcl absmodule.dcl rule.dcl dnc.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ canon.icl canon.dcl rule.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ law.icl law.dcl coreclean.dcl strat.dcl spine.dcl rule.dcl dnc.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ coreclean.icl coreclean.dcl strat.dcl spine.dcl rule.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ loop.icl loop.dcl strat.dcl trace.dcl spine.dcl history.dcl rewr.dcl rule.dcl graph.dcl pfun.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ strat.icl strat.dcl spine.dcl history.dcl rule.dcl dnc.dcl graph.dcl pfun.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ absmodule.icl absmodule.dcl rule.dcl
$(SYS)/ trace.icl trace.dcl spine.dcl history.dcl rule.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ spine.icl spine.dcl history.dcl rule.dcl graph.dcl pfun.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ history.icl history.dcl rule.dcl graph.dcl pfun.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ complete.icl complete.dcl graph.dcl
$(SYS)/ rewr.icl rewr.dcl rule.dcl graph.dcl pfun.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ trd.icl trd.dcl rule.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ rule.icl rule.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ dnc.icl dnc.dcl graph.dcl
$(SYS)/ graph.icl graph.dcl pfun.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ pfun.icl pfun.dcl basic.dcl
#$(SYS)/ pretty.icl pretty.dcl
$(SYS)/ basic.icl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ cleanversion.icl cleanversion.dcl
definition module absmodule
// $Id$
from rule import Rule
:: Module sym pvar tsym tvar
= { arities :: [(sym,Int)] // Arity of each symbol
, typeconstructors :: [(tsym,[sym])] // All constructor symbols of each declared algebraic type
, exportedsymbols :: [sym] // Exported function/constructor symbols
, typerules :: [(sym,Rule tsym tvar)] // Principal types of symbols
, stricts :: [(sym,[Bool])] // Strict arguments of functions
, rules :: [(sym,[Rule sym pvar])] // Rewrite rules of each symbol, absent if imported
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definition module complete
// $Id$
from graph import Graph
from StdOverloaded import ==
:: Pattern sym var
:== (Graph sym var,[var])
:: ([sym]->Bool)
(Graph sym var)
![Pattern sym pvar]
-> Bool
| == sym
& == var
& == pvar
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