Commit e2d3e30e authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen

parse ?[#^|]Just or ?[#^|]None in patterns after an =: expression

parent 5ccd651c
......@@ -3912,6 +3912,10 @@ trySimplePatternWithoutDefinitionsT (IdentToken name) pState
| not (isLowerCaseName name)
# (id, pState) = stringToIdent name IC_Expression pState
= (True, PE_Ident id, pState)
trySimplePatternWithoutDefinitionsT (MaybeIdentToken maybe_token) pState
| maybe_token<8
#! just_or_none_ident = predefined_idents.[PD_JustSymbol+maybe_token]
= (True, PE_Ident just_or_none_ident, pState)
trySimplePatternWithoutDefinitionsT SquareOpenToken pState
# (list_expr, pState) = wantListPatternWithoutDefinitions pState
= (True, list_expr, pState)
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