Commit eb366d04 authored by Martin Wierich's avatar Martin Wierich
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Ensure that modules that are imported from the main dcl module appear

in ".depend" instructions in abc files
parent d5075d7a
......@@ -1435,10 +1435,12 @@ check_module2 mod_name mod_imported_objects mod_imports mod_type icl_global_func
| not cs.cs_error.ea_ok
= (False, abort "evaluated error 1 (check.icl)", {}, {}, No, {}, cs.cs_x.x_main_dcl_module_n,heaps, cs.cs_predef_symbols, cs.cs_symbol_table, cs.cs_error.ea_file /* TD */, [])
# (imported_module_numbers, dcl_modules)
# (imported_module_numbers_of_main_dcl_mod, dcl_modules)
= dcl_modules![main_dcl_module_n].dcl_imported_module_numbers
(imported_module_numbers, dcl_modules)
= foldSt compute_used_module_nrs
(addNr main_dcl_module_n (addNr cPredefinedModuleIndex EndNumbers),
(addNr cPredefinedModuleIndex imported_module_numbers_of_main_dcl_mod,
dcl_modules = add_function_conversion_table dcl_to_icl_function_conversions main_dcl_module_n dcl_modules
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