Commit ec3bc8a7 authored by Vincent Zweije's avatar Vincent Zweije
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Fix supercompile module dependencies

parent ca2c4487
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ tags: *.dcl *.icl ../compiler/*.dcl ../compiler/*.icl
$(SYS)/ %.icl
$(SYS)/ supercompile.icl supercompile.dcl convert.dcl
$(SYS)/ supercompile.icl supercompile.dcl convert.dcl newtest.dcl cli.dcl coreclean.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ convert.icl convert.dcl coreclean.dcl rule.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ newtest.icl newtest.dcl newfold.dcl cli.dcl canon.dcl coreclean.dcl loop.dcl trace.dcl spine.dcl history.dcl complete.dcl trd.dcl rule.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
$(SYS)/ newfold.icl newfold.dcl extract.dcl trace.dcl spine.dcl history.dcl rule.dcl dnc.dcl graph.dcl basic.dcl
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