Commit f29e38a5 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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check the type of instances defined using :== (maybe the parser should reject these instances)

parent 265f1eab
......@@ -1392,6 +1392,11 @@ where
remove_macros_from_group [FunctionOrIclMacroIndex fun:funs] fun_defs
# (funs,fun_defs)=remove_macros_from_group funs fun_defs
| fun_defs.[fun].fun_info.fi_group_index<NoIndex
/* Macros don't have types, however the parser allows :== for instances, which results in a macro with a type.
These types must be checked, because if the type of the expression is incorrect and the instance is exported,
an incorrectly typed program can be compiled. Currently using :== in instances probably has no effect,
so it might be better to reject this in the parser. */
&& case fun_defs.[fun].fun_type of No -> True; _ -> False
= (funs,fun_defs)
= ([fun:funs],fun_defs)
remove_macros_from_group [DclMacroIndex macro_module_index macro_index:funs] fun_defs
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