Commit f2e017a8 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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fix parsing of tail strict from-to list expressions, e.g. [0..9!]

parent de27c3c0
......@@ -4519,10 +4519,9 @@ where
-> case acc of
# pd_from_to_index =
if (head_strictness==HeadStrict) PD_FromToS
(if (head_strictness==HeadUnboxed) PD_FromToU
(if (head_strictness==HeadOverloaded) PD_FromToO
if (head_strictness==HeadStrict) PD_FromToSTS
(if (head_strictness==HeadUnboxed) PD_FromToUTS
-> (PE_Sequ (SQ_FromTo pd_from_to_index e exp), pState)
# pd_from_then_to_index =
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