Commit f36dcd61 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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pass world to main function without argument

parent 2fba4755
...@@ -3502,8 +3502,8 @@ void GenStart (SymbDef startsymb) ...@@ -3502,8 +3502,8 @@ void GenStart (SymbDef startsymb)
GenOAStackLayout (0); GenOAStackLayout (0);
FPrintF (OutFile, "\n__%s_%s", CurrentModule,start_function_name); FPrintF (OutFile, "\n__%s_%s", CurrentModule,start_function_name);
if (arity!=0){ if (arity!=0 || strcmp (start_function_name,"main")==0){
put_instruction_b (buildI); put_instruction_b (buildI);
put_arguments_n_b (65536l); put_arguments_n_b (65536l);
} }
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