Commit ff78e5e4 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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fix name in descriptor for unboxed lists of records if exporting local labels

parent ea420ff8
......@@ -2979,7 +2979,7 @@ void GenUnboxedConsRecordDescriptor (SymbDef sdef,int tail_strict)
DetermineSizeOfState (tuple_state,&asize,&bsize);
if (ExportLocalLabels)
FPrintF (OutFile,tail_strict ? " %d %d \"_Cons#!%s\"" : " %d %d \"_Cons#\"",asize,bsize,name);
FPrintF (OutFile,tail_strict ? " %d %d \"_Cons#!%s\"" : " %d %d \"_Cons#%s\"",asize,bsize,name);
FPrintF (OutFile,tail_strict ? " %d %d \"[#%s!]\"" : " %d %d \"[#%s]\"",asize,bsize,name);
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