Commit 66f5e61d authored by's avatar

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into itask

parents b2e9e7f7 cef3af76
......@@ -1288,6 +1288,8 @@ instance check_completeness SymbIdent where
= case symb_kind of
SK_Constructor {glob_module,glob_object}
-> check_whether_ident_is_imported symb_ident glob_module glob_object STE_Constructor cci ccs
SK_NewTypeConstructor {gi_module,gi_index}
-> check_whether_ident_is_imported symb_ident gi_module gi_index STE_Constructor cci ccs
SK_Function global_index
-> check_completeness_for_function symb_ident global_index cci ccs
SK_DclMacro global_index
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