Commit 074e6cad authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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add unsigned integer division function for thumb

parent fa4ef71c
......@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ DEFINES = -DUSE_CLIB -DLINUX -DARM -DGNU_C -DELF
all: $(ODIR)_startup.o
$(ODIR)_startup.o: $(ODIR)tstartup.o $(ODIR)tfileIO3.o $(ODIR)scon.o $(ODIR)ufileIO2.o $(ODIR)tdivmod.o
ld -r -o $(ODIR)_startup.o $(ODIR)tstartup.o $(ODIR)tdivmod.o $(ODIR)scon.o $(ODIR)tfileIO3.o $(ODIR)ufileIO2.o
$(ODIR)_startup.o: $(ODIR)tstartup.o $(ODIR)tfileIO3.o $(ODIR)scon.o $(ODIR)ufileIO2.o $(ODIR)tdivmod.o $(ODIR)tudiv.o
ld -r -o $(ODIR)_startup.o $(ODIR)tstartup.o $(ODIR)tdivmod.o $(ODIR)tudiv.o $(ODIR)scon.o $(ODIR)tfileIO3.o $(ODIR)ufileIO2.o
$(ODIR)scon.o: $(SDIR)scon.c
gcc -mthumb -O $(DEFINES) -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections $(SDIR)scon.c -S -o $(ODIR)scon.s
......@@ -27,3 +27,7 @@ $(ODIR)tfileIO3.o: $(SDIR)tfileIO3.s
$(ODIR)tdivmod.o: $(SDIR)tdivmod.s
as $(ODIR)tdivmod.s -o $(ODIR)tdivmod.o
$(ODIR)tudiv.o: $(SDIR)tudiv.s
as $(ODIR)tudiv.s -o $(ODIR)tudiv.o
.arch armv7-a
.syntax unified
.fpu vfpv3-d16
.globl udivide
cmp r1,#32
bls udivide_by_small_number
clz r9,r1
clz r10,r0
rsb r9,r9,#31-16
add r9,r9,r10
mov r10,#0
cmp r9,#32-16
bhs udivide_large_result
add r9,r9,r9,lsl #1
lsl r9,r9,#2
add pc,r9
.set shift,32-5-11
.rept 32-5-11
.set shift,shift-1
subs r9,r0,r1,lsl #shift
itt cs
movcs r0,r9
orrcs r10,r10,#1<<shift
mov r1,r10
pop {pc}
bpl udivide_result_0
vmov s13,r0
vmov s15,r1
vcvt.f64.u32 d6,s13
vcvt.f64.u32 d7,s15
vdiv.f64 d7,d6,d7
vcvt.u32.f64 s15,d7
vmov r1,s15
pop {pc}
mov r1,#0
pop {pc}
adr r9,udiv_mod_table
add r9,r9,r1,lsl #3
ldrb r1,[r9,#1]
ldr r10,[r9,#4]
ldrb r9,[r9]
adds r0,r0,r1
it cc
umullcc r1,r10,r0,r10
lsr r1,r10,r9
pop {pc}
.long 0,0
.long 0x100,0xffffffff
.long 0,0x80000000
.long 1,0xaaaaaaab
.long 0,0x40000000
.long 2,0xcccccccd
.long 2,0xaaaaaaab
.long 0x102,0x92492492
.long 0,0x20000000
.long 1,0x38e38e39
.long 3,0xcccccccd
.long 3,0xba2e8ba3
.long 3,0xaaaaaaab
.long 2,0x4ec4ec4f
.long 0x103,0x92492492
.long 3,0x88888889
.long 0,0x10000000
.long 4,0xf0f0f0f1
.long 2,0x38e38e39
.long 0x104,0xd79435e5
.long 4,0xcccccccd
.long 0x104,0xc30c30c3
.long 4,0xba2e8ba3
.long 4,0xb21642c9
.long 4,0xaaaaaaab
.long 3,0x51eb851f
.long 3,0x4ec4ec4f
.long 0x104,0x97b425ed
.long 0x104,0x92492492
.long 4,0x8d3dcb09
.long 4,0x88888889
.long 0x104,0x84210842
.long 0,0x08000000
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