Commit 583ddd86 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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remove unused function reorder for 64 bit intel/amd

parent e52c3c0f
......@@ -3116,52 +3116,6 @@ zero_bits1_5:
jae zero_bits1_4
push rsi
push rbp
mov rbp,rax
shl rbp,3
mov rsi,rbx
shl rsi,3
add rcx,rsi
sub rdx,rbp
push rsi
push rbp
push rbx
push rax
jmp st_reorder_lp
mov rbp,qword ptr [rcx]
mov rsi,qword ptr (-8)[rdx]
mov qword ptr (-8)[rdx],rbp
sub rdx,8
mov qword ptr [rcx],rsi
add rcx,8
dec rax
jne next_b_in_element
mov rax,qword ptr [rsp]
add rcx,qword ptr 24[rsp]
dec rbx
jne next_a_in_element
mov rbx,qword ptr 8[rsp]
sub rdx,qword ptr 16[rsp]
cmp rdx,rcx
ja reorder_lp
pop rax
pop rbx
add rsp,16
pop rbp
pop rsi
; the sliding compacting garbage collector
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