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Use git version of the compiler

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Clean System Files/ *.abc
clean-compiler/ *.o
...@@ -4,3 +4,6 @@ ...@@ -4,3 +4,6 @@
[submodule "CleanRegex"] [submodule "CleanRegex"]
path = CleanRegex path = CleanRegex
url = url =
[submodule "compiler"]
path = compiler
url =
REVISION:=3061 compiler: .FORCE
$(MAKE) -j -C compiler/main/Unix
$(MAKE) -j -C compiler/backendC/CleanCompilerSources -f Makefile.linux64
$(RM) compiler/backend/Clean\ System\ Files/backend_library
mkdir -p compiler/backend/Clean\ System\ Files
ln -s ../../backendC/CleanCompilerSources/backend.a compiler/backend/Clean\ System\ Files/backend_library
clean-compiler: clean-compiler/$(REVISION) .FORCE:
clean-compiler/$(REVISION): .PHONY: .FORCE
svn checkout -r $(REVISION) clean-compiler
$(MAKE) -j -C clean-compiler/main/Unix
$(MAKE) -j -C clean-compiler/backendC/CleanCompilerSources -f Makefile.linux64
$(RM) clean-compiler/backend/Clean\ System\ Files/backend_library
ln -s ../../backendC/CleanCompilerSources/backend.a clean-compiler/backend/Clean\ System\ Files/backend_library
touch clean-compiler/$(REVISION)
...@@ -17,16 +17,15 @@ database, using the common Cloogle types defined by ...@@ -17,16 +17,15 @@ database, using the common Cloogle types defined by
[libcloogle]( [libcloogle](
## Dependencies ## Dependencies
The Clean compiler is needed to build the database (not to use it). The latest Clean compiler that this library is compatible with is bundled as a
Unfortunately, it is [developed on subversion][cocl] which means we can't add git submodule. However, several object files must be built. This can be done
it as a git submodule. To get the latest version of the compiler that this with `make compiler`. If your project depends on Cloogle, you should add the
project is compatible with, run `make clean-compiler`. This rule should always following to your `Makefile` to ensure that the compiler is updated when
be run, because it checks itself whether an update is needed. If you depend on needed:
Cloogle in your project, a good rule to add to your Makefile is:
```make ```make
Cloogle/clean-compiler: .FORCE Cloogle/compiler: .FORCE
$(MAKE) -C Cloogle clean-compiler $(MAKE) -C Cloogle compiler
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