Commit 58550162 authored by Mart Lubbers's avatar Mart Lubbers
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make up to date

parent 9d3f47b4
module cloogleirc
import Cloogle
import GenPrint
import Data.Generics.GenPrint
import StdEnv
import Data.Functor
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ import System.Time
import Control.Applicative
import qualified Control.Monad as CM
import qualified Data.Map as DM
from Control.Monad import class Monad, instance Monad Maybe, >>=
from Control.Monad import class Monad(bind), >>=
from Text.Encodings.UrlEncoding import urlEncode
import System.CommandLine
import Internet.HTTP
......@@ -18,10 +18,4 @@ echo "Downloading and installing clean nightly" >&2
curl -sSL \
| tar --gunzip --strip-components=1 --extract --directory="$TARGET"
echo "Apply patches" >&2
curl -sSL\
> "$TARGET"/lib/iTasks/iTasks/_Framework/TaskServer.dcl
curl -sSL\
> "$TARGET"/lib/iTasks/iTasks/_Framework/TaskServer.icl
echo "export CLEAN_HOME=$TARGET; export PATH=$TARGET/bin:\$PATH;"
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