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    New logo and layout changes (#102) · 293587c4
    Erin van der Veen authored
    * Alternative Cloogle logo
    * Clean svg manually
    * New header
    * Link colours
    * Search links style
    * Switch to PNG logo
    * Add ErinvanderVeen to contributors
    * Fix issue with e in logo
    * Fix SVG error
    * Implement alternative cloogle layout
    Logo centralized on page load but moved to top when displaying results.
    * Remove padding from searchlinks
    * Align searchlinks to left in result-view
    * Add subtle rounded border to codeblocks
    * Increase darkness of tooltip background
    * Several minor layout changes
    - Last suggestions from #102
    - Distinguish tooltips with border
    - Remove body margin to fill whole width
    - Align search bar to logo
    - Remove spacing in result-view search form
    - Align tooltip information and search form on not-small screens
    * Add logo to library browser
    * Update contributors
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