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Fix highlighting of syntax examples

parent 2aaf9a2c
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Subproject commit 28d19cd2b939a405a16c8ceb3a6e30c18e74b758
Subproject commit db826a73f8a0a0fbdacf13a057d2e33f34e6665c
......@@ -268,15 +268,10 @@ function makeRequiredContext(context) {
function highlightExample(example) {
var f = 'highlight' + example.cleanjs_type;
if (!(f in window)) {
return example.example;
} else if ('cleanjs_start' in example) {
return window[f](
example.example, highlightCallback, example.cleanjs_start);
if ('cleanjs_start' in example) {
return highlightClean(example.example, highlightCallback, example.cleanjs_start);
} else {
return window[f](
example.example, highlightCallback);
return highlightClean(example.example, highlightCallback);
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