Verified Commit 44b5bb3d authored by Camil Staps's avatar Camil Staps 🚀

Add more ranking constraints for unification

parent ffe00e18
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[ [{"name":"toInt"}, ["LT",["StdOverloaded","toInt"], ["StdChar","digitToInt"]]]
, [{"unify":"Char -> Int"}, ["LT",["StdChar","digitToInt"], ["StdOverloaded","toInt"]]]
, [{"unify":"Int -> String"}, ["LT",["StdOverloaded","fromInt"], ["StdOverloaded","one"]]]
, [{"unify":"(m a) -> a"}, ["LT",["StdList","last"], ["StdList","or"]]]
, [{"unify":"(m a) -> a"}, ["LT",["StdOverloadedList","Hd"], ["StdOverloadedList","Avg"]]]
, [{"unify":"(m a) -> a"}, ["LT",["StdList","last"], ["StdGeneric","generic_dict"]]]
, [{"unify":"(m a) -> a"}, ["LT",["StdList","limit"], ["StdGeneric","generic_dict"]]]
, [{"unify":"(m a) -> a"}, ["LT",["StdOrdList","minList"], ["StdList","or"]]]
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