Verified Commit 9a12e57c authored by Camil Staps's avatar Camil Staps 🚀

Update Cloogle to use git version of compiler

parent 01c5748c
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Subproject commit b5307d3d6ed2bc65ae3dbe275ac6a73c6c584300
Subproject commit 3ec9f2c83bcf0f77c1be120486f85062b9ada89d
......@@ -20,19 +20,19 @@ man: $(MAN)
CloogleServer: .FORCE
$(CLM) $(CLMFLAGS) $@ -o $@
find -name '*.[di]cl' -not -path './Cloogle/clean-compiler/*' -exec touch {} \;
find -name '*.[di]cl' -not -path './Cloogle/compiler/*' -exec touch {} \;
$(CLM) $(CLMFLAGS) $@ -o $@
builddb: Cloogle/clean-compiler .FORCE
builddb: Cloogle/compiler .FORCE
$(CLM) $(CLMFLAGS) -s 50M -h 750M -gcm\
-I Cloogle/clean-compiler/frontend\
-I Cloogle/clean-compiler/backend\
-I Cloogle/clean-compiler/main\
-I Cloogle/clean-compiler/main/Unix\
-I Cloogle/compiler/frontend\
-I Cloogle/compiler/backend\
-I Cloogle/compiler/main\
-I Cloogle/compiler/main/Unix\
$@ -o $@
Cloogle/clean-compiler: .FORCE
$(MAKE) -C Cloogle clean-compiler
Cloogle/compiler: .FORCE
$(MAKE) -C Cloogle compiler
$(DB): builddb
./$< > $(DB)
......@@ -40,7 +40,4 @@ $(DB): builddb
$(RM) -r **/Clean\ System\ Files $(BIN) $(MAN) $(DB)
distclean: clean
$(RM) -r clean-compiler
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