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Verified Commit 9d1e2f39 authored by Camil Staps's avatar Camil Staps 🚀

Add ranking constraints

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Subproject commit 26e5456832ef0199207619d7df199f71658f3d5e
Subproject commit 6e6e864c3c430945e80bffd68251eac1c34c3839
......@@ -36,5 +36,9 @@
, [{"unify":"Int -> [Int]"}, ["LT",["Function","System._Unsafe","unsafeCoerce"], ["Function","StdMisc","undef"]]]
, [{"unify":"a -> (a,a)"}, ["LT",["Function","System.FilePath","splitFileName"],["Function","StdFile","stdio"]]]
, [{"unify":"a -> (a,a)"}, ["LT",["Function","System.FilePath","splitFileName"],["Function","StdGeneric","bimap"]]]
, [{"unify":"a -> (a,a)"}, ["LT",["Function","StdFile","stdio"], ["Function","_SystemEnumStrict","_from_o"]]]
, [{"unify":"a -> HtmlTag"}, ["LT",["Function","Text.HTML","html"], ["Function","System._Unsafe","unsafeCoerce"]]]
, [{"unify":"a -> HtmlTag"}, ["LT",["Function","Text.HTML","html"], ["Function","StdGeneric","bimap"]]]
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