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    Several things to prepare for docker-compose: · 47c68a4c
    Camil Staps authored
    - Added local data directory for MySQL (`db/storage`) to ensure data
    - Removed `make_compose_containers_local.sh` and added `build` entries
      in `docker-compose.yml`.
    - Forwarded port 31215 on the backend container for TCP access.
    - Forwarded port 31216 on the stats container for websockets.
    - Forwarded port 80 on the frontend to 31280 to avoid conflicts.
    - Shared `cloogle.log` between backend and stats.
    - Bumped PHP version to 7.0 in frontend.
    - Rollback change in `frontend/stats/client.js` that made the live
      statistics only available from local hosts.
    - Moved `frontend/conf.php.example` to `frontend/conf.php`, because this
      is no longer secret.
    - Removed comment in `frontend/api.php`.
    - Removed outdated setup instructions in `README.md`.
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