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Update metadata; switch to GPL v3.0 license

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......@@ -18,15 +18,14 @@ checked when making changes.
- [CloogleBot][]
- [cloogle-cli][]
- [cloogle-discord][]
- [vim-clean][]
- [CleanForVSCode][]
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......@@ -8,9 +8,17 @@ These types can be used to easily access the TCP and HTTP APIs at
using the generic JSON functions on these types.
## Copyright & License
Copyright © 2016-present Mart Lubbers and Camil Staps.
Licensed under MIT; See the [LICENSE](/LICENSE) file.
## Authors & License
libcloogle is maintained by [Camil Staps][].
Copyright is owned by the authors of individual commits, including:
- Camil Staps
- Mart Lubbers
This project is licensed under GPL v3; see the [LICENSE](/LICENSE) file.
[Camil Staps]:
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