Commit 1377da8a authored by Edoardo Putti's avatar Edoardo Putti Committed by Mart Lubbers
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remove qualifications for ui objects

parent aba6e538
...@@ -102,47 +102,55 @@ public class SSMRunner extends JFrame ...@@ -102,47 +102,55 @@ public class SSMRunner extends JFrame
private boolean hasFocus ; private boolean hasFocus ;
javax.swing.JMenuBar JMenuBar = new javax.swing.JMenuBar(); JMenuBar JMenuBar = new JMenuBar();
javax.swing.JMenu jMenuFile = new javax.swing.JMenu();
javax.swing.JMenuItem jMenuFileNew = new javax.swing.JMenuItem(); JMenu jMenuFile = new JMenu();
javax.swing.JMenuItem jMenuFileLoad = new javax.swing.JMenuItem(); JMenu jMenuRunner = new JMenu();
javax.swing.JMenuItem jMenuFileReload = new javax.swing.JMenuItem(); JMenu jMenuHelp = new JMenu();
javax.swing.JMenuItem jMenuFileQuit = new javax.swing.JMenuItem();
javax.swing.JMenu jMenuRunner = new javax.swing.JMenu(); // File menu
javax.swing.JMenuItem jMenuRunnerStart = new javax.swing.JMenuItem(); JMenuItem jMenuFileNew = new JMenuItem();
javax.swing.JMenuItem jMenuRunnerPause = new javax.swing.JMenuItem(); JMenuItem jMenuFileLoad = new JMenuItem();
javax.swing.JMenuItem jMenuRunnerOneStep = new javax.swing.JMenuItem(); JMenuItem jMenuFileReload = new JMenuItem();
javax.swing.JMenuItem jMenuRunnerReset = new javax.swing.JMenuItem(); JMenuItem jMenuFileQuit = new JMenuItem();
javax.swing.JMenu jMenuHelp = new javax.swing.JMenu();
javax.swing.JMenuItem jMenuHelpAbout = new javax.swing.JMenuItem(); // Runner menu
javax.swing.JSeparator jMenuHelpSeparator1 = new javax.swing.JSeparator(); JMenuItem jMenuRunnerStart = new JMenuItem();
javax.swing.JMenuItem jMenuHelpHelponTopic = new javax.swing.JMenuItem(); JMenuItem jMenuRunnerPause = new JMenuItem();
javax.swing.JToolBar ssmToolBar = new javax.swing.JToolBar(); JMenuItem jMenuRunnerOneStep = new JMenuItem();
javax.swing.JButton tbNewButton = new javax.swing.JButton(); JMenuItem jMenuRunnerReset = new JMenuItem();
javax.swing.JButton tbLoadButton = new javax.swing.JButton();
javax.swing.JButton tbReloadButton = new javax.swing.JButton(); // Help menu
JMenuItem jMenuHelpAbout = new JMenuItem();
JSeparator jMenuHelpSeparator1 = new JSeparator();
JMenuItem jMenuHelpHelponTopic = new JMenuItem();
JToolBar ssmToolBar = new JToolBar();
JButton tbNewButton = new JButton();
JButton tbLoadButton = new JButton();
JButton tbReloadButton = new JButton();
javax.swing.JButton tbSaveButton = new javax.swing.JButton(); javax.swing.JButton tbSaveButton = new javax.swing.JButton();
javax.swing.JButton tbStep1ForwardButton = new javax.swing.JButton(); JButton tbStep1ForwardButton = new JButton();
javax.swing.JButton tbStep1BackButton = new javax.swing.JButton(); JButton tbStep1BackButton = new JButton();
javax.swing.JButton tbStartBackButton = new javax.swing.JButton(); JButton tbStartBackButton = new JButton();
javax.swing.JButton tbStartForwardButton = new javax.swing.JButton(); JButton tbStartForwardButton = new JButton();
javax.swing.JButton tbPauseButton = new javax.swing.JButton(); JButton tbPauseButton = new JButton();
javax.swing.JButton tbResetButton = new javax.swing.JButton(); JButton tbResetButton = new JButton();
javax.swing.JButton tbNewInstrButton = new javax.swing.JButton(); JButton tbNewInstrButton = new JButton();
javax.swing.JSplitPane memNRestSplitPane = new javax.swing.JSplitPane(); JSplitPane memNRestSplitPane = new JSplitPane();
javax.swing.JSplitPane codeNStackNHeapSplitPane = new javax.swing.JSplitPane(); JSplitPane codeNStackNHeapSplitPane = new JSplitPane();
javax.swing.JSplitPane stackNHeapSplitPane = new javax.swing.JSplitPane(); JSplitPane stackNHeapSplitPane = new JSplitPane();
javax.swing.JScrollPane codeScrollPane = new javax.swing.JScrollPane(); JScrollPane codeScrollPane = new JScrollPane();
javax.swing.JTable codeTable = new javax.swing.JTable(); JTable codeTable = new JTable();
javax.swing.JScrollPane stackScrollPane = new javax.swing.JScrollPane(); JScrollPane stackScrollPane = new JScrollPane();
javax.swing.JTable stackTable = new JTable(); JTable stackTable = new JTable();
javax.swing.JScrollPane heapScrollPane = new javax.swing.JScrollPane(); JScrollPane heapScrollPane = new JScrollPane();
javax.swing.JTable heapTable = new JTable(); JTable heapTable = new JTable();
javax.swing.JSplitPane statusNOutputSplitPane = new javax.swing.JSplitPane(); JSplitPane statusNOutputSplitPane = new JSplitPane();
javax.swing.JScrollPane statusScrollPane = new javax.swing.JScrollPane(); JScrollPane statusScrollPane = new JScrollPane();
javax.swing.JTable statusTable = new javax.swing.JTable(); JTable statusTable = new JTable();
javax.swing.JScrollPane outputScrollPane = new javax.swing.JScrollPane(); JScrollPane outputScrollPane = new JScrollPane();
javax.swing.JTextArea outputTextArea = new javax.swing.JTextArea(); JTextArea outputTextArea = new JTextArea();
private JMenuItem jMenuRunnerOneStepBack = new JMenuItem(); private JMenuItem jMenuRunnerOneStepBack = new JMenuItem();
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