Verified Commit a24a1ce1 authored by Camil Staps's avatar Camil Staps 🚀

Change previous commit: use --debug instead of --gdb, and output valgrind suggestion as well

parent 0970aeb7
......@@ -210,9 +210,10 @@ function run (_opts) {
const exe='./''.exe';
const args=['serve','--electron-port',opts.port,'--port',opts.itasks_port];
if (process.argv.indexOf ('--gdb')>=0){
console.log ('Run the following in a separate window:');
if (process.argv.indexOf ('--debug')>=0){
console.log ('Run one of the following in a separate window:');
console.log ('gdb '+exe+' -ex \'r '+args.join (' ')+'\'');
console.log ('valgrind '+exe+' '+args.join (' '));
} else {
const server=spawn (exe,args,{stdio: 'inherit'});
server.on ('close',code => {
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