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Write about distribution in README

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......@@ -104,8 +104,24 @@ your `Start` rule.
To run the application you only need to run the executable. You do not need to
run the JavaScript code yourself; this is done automatically by Clean.
## Distributing
To distribute your application you don't want your users to have to install
Node.js. It is possible to package Electron applications complete with a Chrome
runtime, so that you get a completely stand-alone application.
To do this with an iTasks-Electron application, you need to write a `build.js`
script that collects all relevant files and uses
[`electron-packager`][electron-packager] to create a stand-alone distribution.
I am still in the process of creating helper functions to easily write a
`build.js`. For now, you can see how it is done in TextSheets:
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