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from PIL import Image
import numpy as np
secret = "Hello, World"
bin_secret_list = []
# convert secret string to byte string
for letter in secret:
ASCII = ord(letter)
bin_secret_list.append(format(ASCII, '08b'))
bin_secret = ''.join(bin_secret_list)
bin_secret += "00000000"
image ='beemovie.png')
img = np.array(image)
# encode secret byte string in the red color of the image
i = 0
for row in img:
for col in row:
if i < len(bin_secret):
R = col[0]
col[0] = int(format(R, '08b')[:-1] + bin_secret[i], 2)
i += 1
save_image = Image.fromarray(img)'encoded_beemovie.png')
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