Commit 3db8b2d8 authored by David Venhoek's avatar David Venhoek
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Fixed bug in js code.

parent f5a67ac3
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@
$('.add-to-cart-btn').on('click', function (element) {
console.log("Age verification started");
$.get('/start_session.php?type='+element.currentTarget.attr('data-minage')+'plus', function (sessionpackagejson) {
$.get('/start_session.php?type='+element.currentTarget.getAttribute('data-minage')+'plus', function (sessionpackagejson) {
let sessionpackage = JSON.parse(sessionpackagejson);
let options = {
server: sessionpackage.sessionPtr.u.split('/irma')[0],
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