Commit 0a579b8a authored by Bas Westerbaan's avatar Bas Westerbaan

Conf: fix yaml attributes

parent 5d00e036
......@@ -52,10 +52,10 @@ type Conf struct {
XMSSMTAlg string `yaml:"xmssmtAlg"`
// Proof of Work difficulty for XMSSMT.
XMSSMTPowDifficulty *uint32 `yaml:"xmssmtPowDifficulty`
XMSSMTPowDifficulty *uint32 `yaml:"xmssmtPowDifficulty"`
// Proof of Work difficulty for Ed25519.
Ed25519PowDifficulty *uint32 `yaml:"ed25519PowDifficulty`
Ed25519PowDifficulty *uint32 `yaml:"ed25519PowDifficulty"`
// Key to generate Proof of Work nonces with
PowKey []byte `yaml:"powKey"`
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