Commit 59df95fc authored by Ivar Derksen's avatar Ivar Derksen
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Updated comments checkSchemeManagers

parent 168404a9
......@@ -345,11 +345,8 @@ func checkAtumServer(url string) (ret []string) {
func checkSchemeManagers(irmaConfig *irma.Configuration) (ret []string) {
ret = []string{}
log.Printf(" checking schememanagers")
// First, we download all the files of the schememanager.
// We need a temporary directory to store the files.
// As `schememgr verify' is a bit picky, we put everything in
// <temp dir>/irma_configuration/<name of schememgr>
// Schemes are already downloaded in main(), only an update is required now
err := irmaConfig.UpdateSchemes()
if err != nil {
log.Printf("checkSchemeManager: update schemes: %s", err)
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