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headline: <span class="light">Frequently asked questions and <strong>answers</strong>
headline: <span class="light">Frequently asked questions and <strong>answers</strong><span>
question: How do I use IRMA to log in on a website?
answer: Websites that support IRMA typically have a button that says <em>Log in with IRMA</em>. If you don't have the IRMA app on your phone yet, you will have to install it first and fill it with your attributes. If you do have the IRMA app already, there two different situations<span>:</span><ul class="indent"><li> When you access the website where you need to log in with IRMA on a computer or laptop and you press the login button, a QR code appears. You open the IRMA app on your phone with your PIN. At the bottom of the app's screen, there is a button that allows you to scan the QR code. The app asks if you wish to disclose the requested attributes. When you click OK, you are logged in.</li><li> When you view the website on your mobile phone, the IRMA app is automatically opened when you hit the login button. The app then asks you whether you agree to disclose the requested attributes. After pressing OK, your phone returns to the website and you are logged in. If all is well, your phone automatically returns to the original page, but sometimes you have to go back manually. </li></ul><br>It may happen that you haven't collected yet the attributes that the website requests. In that case, you first have to load them before you can log in.
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