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layout: default
title: Page not found
lang: nl
lang-ref: e404
published: false
## Page not found
[Go to the homepage](/ "Back to homepage")
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layout: blocks
title: FAQ
lang: nl
lang-ref: faq
- template: navigation-header
block: header-1
logo: ''
navigation: []
- template: 1-column-text
block: one-column-1
headline: ''
content: ''
published: false
layout: blocks
title: Homepage
lang: nl
lang-ref: index
date: 2017-11-22T23:00:00.000+00:00
- template: navigation-header-w-button
block: header-2
logo: "/uploads/2019/07/30/irma_logo@1x.png"
- link: "/"
link_text: Home
- link: "#"
link_text: Features
- link: "#"
link_text: Pricing
- link: "#"
link_text: Team
button_text: Download
- template: hero-banner-w-image
block: hero-2
headline: uBuild <br><strong>design blocks</strong>
content: The tool that allows you to build beautiful sites<br>all inside Forestry's
content manager.
enabled: true
button_text: 'See on GitHub '
image: "/uploads/2018/06/21/product-shot-1.png"
alt_text: Product Shot
background_image: "/uploads/2018/06/21/hero-2-bg.png"
- template: content-feature
block: feature-1
media_alignment: Left
headline: <strong>Swap &amp; Switch<span class="light">&nbsp;</span></strong><span
class="light">the Blocks to create sites quickly</span>
content: Quickly assemble and create custom sites with 16 design blocks for seven
different sections.
image: "/uploads/2018/06/21/blocks-split.png"
alt_text: uBuild Blocks Mock-Up
- template: content-feature
block: feature-1
media_alignment: Right
headline: <strong>Customize Blocks</strong><span class="light">&nbsp;to make quick
edits throughout your new site</span>
content: Each block comes with custom Front Matter that can easily be edited in
Forestry's UI.
image: "/uploads/2018/06/21/edit.gif"
alt_text: Customize Blocks
- template: 1-column-text
block: one-column-1
headline: 16 Fully Responsive Design Blocks
content: "The Design Blocks can be used without Forestry but to harness the power
of Blocks we recommend using Forestry. Once the site is imported you can immediately
create new sites and make them fully customizable. \U0001F447"
- template: full-width-media-element
block: media-1
image: "/uploads/2018/06/21/theme.png"
caption: All Available Blocks
- template: detail-content
block: text-1
headline: Steps to Build a Site!
content: <p>uBuild is an open-source Jekyll based theme that doubles as a builder
tool inside the Forestry content manager. It's easy to get started!</p><ol><li><p>Fork
the <a href="">repo</a> and import
the site into <a href="">Forestry</a> (or use <a href="">our
magic button</a>).</p></li><li><p>Click on 'Add New' in Forestry and select the
Page-Builder template.</p></li><li><p>Add and customize the available Blocks and
preview them as you go along.</p></li><li><p>Read <a href="">our
article</a> and create your own Blocks.</p></li></ol>
- template: simple-footer
block: footer-1
content: Hello world! ❤︎
published: false
foo bar
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