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......@@ -44,12 +44,13 @@ page_sections:
- template: content-feature
block: feature-1
media_alignment: Right
headline: "<strong>Great feature</strong> that you should check out."
content: Some nice text to back it up, and explain some stuff. And it looks super
headline: <strong>Customize Blocks</strong><span class="light">&nbsp;to make quick
edits throughout your new site</span>
content: Each block comes with custom Front Matter that can easily be edited in
Forestry's UI.
image: "/uploads/2018/06/21/product-shot-1.png"
alt_text: Product Shot
image: "/uploads/2018/06/21/edit.gif"
alt_text: Customize Blocks
- template: 1-column-text
block: one-column-1
headline: Column 1
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